вторник, 20 мая 2014 г.

After a difficult divorce Jeff Simons decided to do something extraordinary- to drive across the USA by his car and visit all interesting places in each city. He began his trip in New York and planned to finish it in San Francisco. 

It took him two months to reach the State of Colorado. When he was in a small town called Sunny Hill, his gps showed him a must-see place - house of Robert Kitsch, the world-famous author of horror books. When Jeff was a teenager, he read his scary stories about ghosts, monsters, werewolves and vampires. But over time his tastes changed and Jeff stopped being interested in such kind of the books. 
However, he decided to look at the House of the King of horror.

To Jeff great surprise, when he pulled up to the House, he didn't see anything mystical or frightening. It was an ordinary wooden house. He saw an old man on the porch, who was sitting in a rocking chair and playing chess with himself. 

"Sorry," said Jeff-  is it a house of writer Robert Kitsch? "

When he came closer to the old man, he realized that his question had no meaning, because it was Robert Kitsch. 

"Yes, its mine"- writer replied. He was very friendly. "Would you like to play chess?". 

From this proposal, Jeff couldn't refuse. He loved chess. What could be better than a favorite game with a favorite author?

They began play in the evening and ended in the morning of the next day. During this game, they talked about everything: about their fates, the victories and disappointments of life, about friends and wives, work, fishing, politics and God. 

Despite the fact that Jeff eventually lost the game of chess, he felt it was the best night of his life. In the morning he said goodbye to Robert. But when Jeff was sitting down in the car he asked writer one last question: "Have you ever seen a real ghost?". Robert didn't answer, he just smiled.  

When Jeff arrived at the motel, he turned on his laptop and decided to find Robert Kitschs e-mail to write him a letter of thanks for the great evening. But what he found on net made him shudder from fear. Robert Kitsch died exactly 3 years ago, he was alone on the porch of his house, playing chess.


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