суббота, 18 октября 2014 г.

when i was 3, my parents and me went to leningrad on their vocation. i dont remember all the details of that trip, but im going to tell you about one event that has always remained in my memory. 

so, after a few boring days of visiting museums, galleries and palaces mom and dad finally took me to the zoo. i hadnt been in a zoo before, so it was the first time when i saw so many animals on real. of cause i was amazed about it. 

i was happy to see a brown bear, that was standing on its hind legs and waving "hello" to us. i remember tigers in a big rocky aviary. they were so beautiful and it seemed that they knew it, because they walked with a big dignity. i was surprised by monkeys - they were making so much noise jumping tirelessly. foxes were so smelly that it was impossible to stay near their cells for a long time. most of all i wanted to see a lion, and we were looking for it for a long time. but when we found it, i was a little bit disappointed, because i expected to see a huge wild animal with gorgeous mane, but in fact it was an old sad lion in a small cell. I was very sorry for this lonely animal. 

when we came to the aviary with a mountain goat, I had no idea that soon I will experience the biggest fear in my life. it was a white animal with long horns and a beard. also it had bulging stupid eyes. suddenly the goat ran up and hit a metal wall by its horns. the sound of the hitting was incredibly loud. as if a millions of trucks collided at the same time. I was so scared that I froze. but the goat didnt. this silly animal ran up and hit the wall again. and again and again. i started to cry. my father took me away from this place, but I still heard the ugly sound and I couldnt stop crying. nothing could comfort me. my parens tried to divert my attention, but they didnt know that not only this terrible noise scared me. i was sure that the goat will kill itself. and it frightened me most of all. 

 I'm an adult person now, but I still dislike goats and i always skip them in a zoo.

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